These are not finished projects. If you're looking for those, then you should check out the Projects page.

As a programmer, I’ve started many a personal project, but most of them have been abandoned for one reason or another. This section aims to make the dusty filing cabinet that holds my abandoned works public; here, you can look through previous projects in various states of completion that have never seen the light of day.

A few quick notes:

  1. Unless specified otherwise, everything here that I’ve created is licensed under GNU AGPLv3. You’ve got the green light to turn these into complete projects, as long as you keep them open source. If you do, please let me know!
  2. These projects are in varying stages of completion and you'll likely have to figure out how they work on your own by poking around, as there might not be any instructions.

A screenshot of the main feed of Birdseed


I was dissatisfied with existing RSS/feed readers; they all either looked outdated (and not the cool kind of outdated), were closed source, or were subscription-based. This was my attempt at making my own. Includes a Tauri app, RSS parser, and a Figma document.

A screenshot of the home page of parasol


parasol [sic] is a frontend for managing a homeserver via Docker containers with a minimal interface. Includes a monorepo for the Solid.js frontend, backend, Solid.js ports of the Lucide icon library (which wasn't available at the time) and inspx, and a Figma document.

A screenshot of the page for managing mods in Plagueis


Plagueis is a mod manager for Beat Saber I made, as I didn’t like the current solution. It’s designed to mimic the Beat Saber UI, and also features a song browser. I also had plans on making a standalone web version that wouldn’t require installing an app. Includes a Tauri app.