I mostly make websites and other web-centric things.

A screenshot of the homepage of the Minecraft Pumpkin Carver

Minecraft Pumpkin Carver

A small tool I made in a few hours to easily create and export Minecraft carved pumpkin textures.

A screenshot of the homepage of Is Going Great

Is Going Great

Is Going Great is a community managed website for running various "disaster timelines" a la Web3 Is Going Great—in other words, timelines that detail the mishaps of those who should really know better.

A screenshot of the homepage of Boombox


Boombox is my homegrown system for managing and listening to music. I crafted it to solve the various irks I had with my previous music solution. Under the hood, it plays audio through YouTube.

A screenshot of the homepage of Majoram


Majoram (affectionally nicknamed "the quote site") is a website for collecting and displaying quotes. It’s an inside joke between friends that has since lost a lot of steam. Do not take the stuff you read there seriously.

A screenshot of the background selection page of OMORI GIF Generator

OMORI GIF Generator

A website I made to simplify the creation of humorous OMORI gifs, like those you find on the GIF sharing platform Tenor.

A screenshot of the "Theme" section in Accelerant, as well as a title and catchphrase


Accelerant is a browser extension that adds a whole series of customization options to the typing game Nitro Type. Available for Firefox and Chromium-based browsers.

A screenshot of the Garden homepage with four archived websites


Garden is essentially a graphical interface I made over a weekend for using wget to download copies of websites, as I was dissatisfied with ArchiveBox.

A screenshot of the pause menu in Penguin Dash with a bunch of settings

Penguin Dash Enhanced

An enhanced fork of the Penguin Dash game from Google's Santa Tracker. I reworked it from using Closure Compiler to Vite, removed almost everything that didn't pertain to the game, and added a bunch of useful tweaks.