This is a section dedicated to the incredible fanart I’ve received, with permission from each artist, of course. I did not make any of this, I’m a terrible artist! I’m still surprised that actual real organic people (who you can check out below all the images) would go out of their way to make amazing characters and artwork from an SVG I hastily made years ago. So thank you, everyone!

The artwork is ordered from newest to oldest, except the emojis, which are all clumped together in at the bottom.

An outline drawing of a catgirl with a basil leaf in her hair . Both are wearing similar maid outfits. The catgirl's outfit has no shoulders, whereas masked character's has puffy shoulders. The catgirl has thigh-highs that go over her knees, and the masked character has thigh-highs that go further up on their legs. A nekopan (anthropomorphic bread cat) sits between their shoulders Ish
An outline of a catgirl with a realistic basil leaf in hair sitting on a field of grass, and a nekopan (anthropomorphic bread cat). She is wearing a sailor outfit and holding a potted plant. Ish



smugsenko.pdn - YouTube



Ish - (Their artwork was comissioned by Goose)


milk carton full of spiders


Cookie also made a bunch of emojis. Here's most of them:

Cookie also did cosplay.